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A sad fact is that many Professionals, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, and Doctors are not aware of or taught many of the basic facts of human existence and relationships that are discussed in these 2 Revolutionary books and what we teach our clients at The Relationship Centre. 

Is It Possible to Build Long-Term Relationships Online?
Many people worldwide crave love and start looking for soul mates on the Web. The best dating 24 option is to outreach singles from the UK and the USA fast. The website’s multi-faceted algorithms and other features ensure interesting and promising connections. However, tons of skeptics still doubt whether it is possible to build long-term relationships with a partner you’ve found online.
The Internet resources are great for meeting males and females of different appearances, characters, and lifestyles. Moreover, they provide a unique chance to learn about yourself in the presence of the community. If you dive into profiles rather than swipe mindlessly, discoveries will surprise you.
How to Find Love Online
The tips below help find a perfect match for further promising communication:
• Make sure you need a soul mate. Opt for such a platform as xmeeting if you still want hookups.
• Use the dating websites for the first contact only since an emotional persona meeting is required to reveal whether you’ve met the right person or move on to try again.
• Set boundaries for communication to make a partner respect your time.
• It’s crucial to distinguish abuse from flirtation based on your and your partner’s preferences.
The main thing is to have the common sense to make your acquaintance safe by hiding your personal information. It’s better to cut ties if you feel the lack of trust between you.

People in the helping professions, and specifically Counselling, for the most part do not understand most of the facts we reveal in our Love by Design & Counsellor-in-a-Box books and what we reveal to our clients & readers from all over the World…

Much of the information in our books are found in diverse, isolated or little-known pockets of information sources.

We felt it was necessary to bring in all of these diverse pockets of information all into one place.  For years, we have had hundreds of people request a book that would have all the information we presented to them all in one place.  The fact is, we had to study all of these books and systems which complimented and confirmed the Independent Research that led us to the Discovery of Our Powerful Relationship Success System.

We decided to put all the Insights & Teaching from our Research & Study along with all these different systems together into one place instead of having to get people to read a hundred other books. .

The genesis of our philosophy was developed from the perspective how we can create a “mutual filling of needs” and make relationships work.

With a strong foundation & basis of love & attraction couples can create a mutual filling of needs when they learn how to understand communicate & appreciate each other in new ways.

We also believe that Couples can help & support themselves with the Right Information & System.

So You Can Do it Yourself & We are There to Help You with the Right Resources & Systems.

This is the philosophy, paradigm or basis behind our consulting and coaching practice.

This is radically different than most of the Relationship Help out there!!

The reality or agenda of 99% of counsellors and most relationship help professionals is to be caring, loving, and supportive, which means they support the clients where they are, and help them come to their own conclusions.

This is Nice, but not near enough to Help Couples Solve their Relationships Issues, Challenges & Issues.

People want Answrers, Now to Fix Their Situation.

They Want Direct Advice & Guidance on How to Create Relationship Success & How to Get Back To Love.

Most Professionals & Counsellors are trained to be “hands off” and to “cover thier ass” by being non invasive & non directive.

In other words they are taught to say & do nothing except for some pat answers and some words of support.

I am not sure who you are but I know that if i went to someone for help I would not want them sitting there blowing smoke up my butt.

I want the Real Deal so I could Save My Marriage or Relationship, as soon as possible.

Our program has been developed to help you as a couple create a loving, fulfilling relationship based on a mutual filling of needs.

We have a Proven, Powerful System that will radically change How You Approach Your Relationship & Partner that will guarentee you get the Love You Have Always Dreamed Of.

Traditional Counselling methods in the past have focused on Feelings, Family of Origin and Communications.  Although each of these areas are important, however, the real key to Relationship Success lies in uncovering the needs of both partners in the Relationship.  We all want to have our emotional, physical, sexual, lifestyle and value needs taken care of in a positive, fun-loving way.


I am not a traditional counsellor.

In fact, I am an Out of the Box World Renowed Relationship Expert & Guru.

I am Known as a Relationship Wizard because my Methods, Systems & Strategies will Magically & Radically Recreate Your Relationship.

In fact what I do is Consulting.  I look for the CAUSE  of the Problem and the give you and your partner the SOLUTIONS.

My system for success and coaching and consulting technologies are drawn from many disciplines, systems and philosophies, as well as much real world experience.

My goal is to give you the skills, attitudes, beliefs, habits and paradigms for success in relationships and life.

I am known as Dr. Robby.  My doctorate is in Metaphsics & Counselling.  Even though I have the title of Doctor, I do not view see our information and this book as constituting a professional relationship as in a Doctor/Patient relationship.

I feel strongly that these types of relationships and roles are disempowering, so what I would prefer is that you see our interaction as that of a Coach, Teacher, Mentor and a friend who has been there and is now here to help you create the Relationship of Your Dreams.

We are information providers, and although we have a caring attitude to You and Your success, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for Your own Success.

You Can Do It We Can Help

We are Like The Relationship Home Depot so You Can Get the Answers You Need Right Away to Make Your Relationship & Love, Happly, Tender & Fun Again !!

All the clients I work with are intelligent, proactive people who want to gain the mindset and skills that create Relationship Success and Mastery in their Life & Relationships.

As with any information, the true test is: does it work, and does it work for you in your situation.

Our System and Processes at the Centre have been helping hundreds of Couples and Individuals for over 15 years.

Our information and strategies have been proven to radically make a difference in people’s lives.


Traditional counsellors are trained to be non-directive, non-invasive, politically correct, supporting and focused on feelings and minute content.  I am and do none of these things.

I am straight to the point & get down to to what is the Real Cause of Your Relationship Difficulty.

This Can Be Brutally Direct & it may ruffle a few feathers, however….

My system and methods are result based, and I am focused on making your relationship work.  They have been forged over working with thousands of couples over 15 years, as well as the hard lessons I have learned in my early adult life.

I am genuinely dedicated to help You Create the Relationship You Envision & Desire so I pull no punches and leave no rock unturned.

The key to making your life, love and relationship work is that we must uncover the truth about your situation, and sometimes that is not gentle, polite or politically correct.

In order to succeed, you need to understand the truth about your relationship and yourself.  Some may not be ready or able to face reality at this time.  If you are not able to bear this, then I would suggest you seek another path.  There are a lot of good, traditional counsellors that will validate your feelings and shield you from painful realities.

The truth will set you free and may be difficult to accept and understand at first, and might, in fact, annoy you somewhat.  However, I will be very clear on what you will need to understand and to win.  I have been known to be direct, and some may feel singled out and attacked.  However, my intention is based on a strong caring for you as a person and as a couple and I want you to succeed and find the Love you want.

I am trained in many systems, disciplines and methods and have an eclectic approach.  This means that our system works on many levels simultaneously.  Some of my methods have been criticized because they are not the status quo or focused in one discipline and, of course, some of my teachings are not traditional.

The Bottom Line for Me is that I am Only Interested in What Works in the Real World. I have no interest in Interesting Theory or Dogma of any Kind so I have Put together a Powerful Practical System that Really Works & Gets Couples the Results they Want Right Away.

I have a no-nonsense, street-smart , No BS approach that is direct and to the point.

Other professionals can easily fail in this business because they are trained just to be supportive, but cannot or won’t teach or communicate the answers to your situation.

It seems silly that an entire profession is trained to sit like bumps on the log and ask you, “How are you feeling about your situation?”  But they won’t give you a straight answer.

A lot of professions delve in any one of several theories or approaches.  They  make the mistake of having just a narrow focus or working in theory.

Theory does not get your love back or make your Relationship work.

The Key is to get to the “Roots” of the problem and take corrective action!!

Nothing we give you in these books are theories.  It is all street-smart, practical advice that works in the real world.  I have opted to be an innovative leader; some say a maverick.  However, I do get results and have hundreds of favorable testimonials.  I use only what works and I have developed a powerful “Relationship Success System” and I get results!

Couples and individuals who have followed my system and gain Relationship Mastery have, in a very short time, improved their Relationships and Life and found True Love again!!.

 Our Mission is to help you help yourself Create the Life,
the Love and the Relationship of Your Dreams.

Dedicated To Your Relationship Success,

Warm Regards,

Dr. Robby & The Team

To reach Dr. Robby, contact him at


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